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Latest Stunning Mobile Apps

Ever since I’ve gotten my hands on a smartphone (iPhone to be specific) two years ago, I realized how useful apps are and relied heavily on many of them to get through each day. Now with hundreds of thousands of apps readily available, it can be quite difficult to find the ones that work for you. For myself, it all boils down to the entire user experience.

Some of the apps I use that have always provided strong user experiences include Instagram, Twitter and Starbucks. While Twitter took the concept of their interface from the web to mobile, they’ve made some customizations to improve readability on the smaller screens. Instagram has made it easy to post and share photos in a fun and user-friendly way, while Starbucks has made their app so easy and convenient to use that it has essentially replaced the need for the cards to be carried in the wallet. Another important factor that has made all these three apps so reliable is their lack of errors and bugs that require constant updates in order to fix it.

But there are two apps that have recently been in my app radar that have set the bar to a new level in terms of the mobile user experience. LinkedIn has giving their app a completely new overhaul and what makes them stand out is their new interface with fluid transitions from the main screen to the side sections. Another app, Yahoo! Weather, is just by far the most beautiful and minimalist weather app in the mobile world. It is completely gorgeous and stunning, but still manages to provide all the critical information one would look for in a weather app.